Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Projects That Are Overdue Their Posting...

I haven't posted in quite a while! Between planning fundraisers for the Alzheimer's Association and the nice weather, I haven't made myself stop and blog. lol.

I made this card for my Aunt's birthday in March. The card base is actually a retired cardstock color that I bought on eBay!

I made this cute card for my bff for our 1 year together! lol. This stamp set is from eBay, also. *Everything I use is Stampin' Up! unless I say otherwise. :)

I made this card for my Dad's birthday in March...can you guess what day he was born on? lol

I made this card for the March card swap, I think, but didn't like it enough so I made a different card. lol

I made this card for my mother in-law's birthday in April.

This card was for Tim's oldest niece's birthday in April. This is the first card that I sewed on on my own! lol. The middle cupcake is raised with dimensional adhesive.

I made all these sympathy cards because my step-mom's aunt passed away and these are for her, her siblings, and her mom.

This is the card swap card I made for April! If you've looked at my cards in the resent past, this should look familiar...I made a similar card in pink for my step-brother's girlfriend's baby shower in March. This is a unisex baby card.

This is the diaper cover.

This is the actual card.

I made this card for a pastor friend/2nd dad's birthday in April. I was soo excited because this was the first card that I made myself with a bow! lol

ATTENTION! The Occasions Mini Catalog will be over April 30!! So if you would like to order something let me know asap! :)


  1. Wow! You have been busy! I think my faves are the sympathy and the diaper cards, but the girls w/ the wagon are so cute!

  2. Look at you go!! These are all wonderful cards, Emily!!